Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Purpose driven, yet presently only
a trifle of their grand conception.
1 gazing, undressing the other's strategy,
Peeling off layers revealing the underbelly of its pigeon.
Dancing with such a tremendous fury,
Players entertaining their unbridled passion.
The vaudevillian clung 2momma's medicine awaiting seraphim.
His dark cherub, praying 4awakening with 1 kiss from him.~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

7th Heaven's Hell

Passionate, Welcoming
Loving, Embracing, Soaring
Angel, Halo, Horns, Demon
Shackling, Scorning, Burning
Tortured, Imprisonable

6th Sense

Fiery red is the color of my love 4him,
sounding like both sides simultaneous explosions.
The scent, rising plumes of smoke,
tasting of creme brulee left lingering on lips.
This indescribable vision, a love potion #9th world wonder,
A spell feeling so powerfully heavy & smooth as 2seduce all 6senses.~


5 headed donkeys are not rarities,
We see them daily in our families.
A Speech Begins Where 1 Ends.
Through teeth unhinged their psalms bend,
Tongued serpents clearly hissing needlessly.~

4midable Opponents

It wore them down 2be so far away,
Steps lept, troubles carried on weary feet,
Terrorized wide eyes at cupid's 1st strike,
Acquaintances afraid 1day they'd meet.~

3's A Crowd

The pair baked with love,
an orange colored gourd 4warmth,
kept secret- a whore.~

Light 1

Apart 2day, each lights 1 candle on yellow cake.
We, with lit Romans; I pray that flames reveal his face.~


The arsonist's art began with a spark.~